After what many thought to be a short suspension, Johnny Manziel was suspended one half of the season opener for signing autographs and obtaining a profit while doing so (prohibited by the NCAA). This has raised questions after Dez Bryant was suspended 10 games after lying to the NCAA about a violation, that turned out NOT to be a violation.

Aside from the profit Manziel accumulated from signing autographs, there has also been other off-the-field issues that range from under-age drinking, and flying to Toronto without his parents' permission.

Manziel entered the Texas A&M Aggies' season opener in the second half, playing one full quarter, and part of the other; he passed for 6-of-8, 93 yards, and 3 TDs. He also added 19 rushing yards.

Johnny Football celebrated a touchdown by signing an autograph in the air, which was seen as possibly taunting both the Aggies' opponent the Rice Owls, and the NCAA. Later in the game, after scoring another touchdown, Manziel received a personal foul after exchanging words with two Rice defenders which resulted in a 15-yard penalty, Manziel was taken out of the game, and didn't return.

While Johnny isn't known for on-field altercations, it seems as if the hype around him is getting to his head, resulting in a more cocky Johnny Football. Was the half-game suspension enough? Of course when you're in his shoes, you want to have fun and celebrate a little, yet no quarterback (usually the leader of the team) should be costing his team 15 yards with careless antics.

Younger quarterbacks who enjoy watching Manziel, may see him as a role model, yet with the way he handled himself in this season opener, it isn't something quarterbacks should follow; quarterbacks are mostly viewed as the most humble, and mature players on a football team. Let's not take this out of proportion, what Manziel did wasn't that big of a deal, but it should be, considering he is arguably the best quarterback in college, and the way he conducts himself in games will determine his draft value.

Let's hope for Manziel and his team's sake, the coach's decision to sit him for the rest of the game was enough to correct his behavior, no NFL team wants an immature or arrogant quarterback leading their team, no matter how good he is -- excluding the New York Jets maybe.