Courtside seats at a Dallas Mavericks game?


A round of golf at Pebble Beach?

Check! Counselor at the Manning Passing Academy?


Tweet out that you can't stand the school were you are currently attending?


Hungover... wait, "dehydrated" and too sick to continue being an example at the same Passing Academy?


Its been quite the offseason for Johnny Manziel. In a span of six months he's gone from winning the Heisman Trophy to now becoming a train wreck similiar to the Justin Bieber show. Manziel needs to quickly realize  he's being closely watched in this social media age and that it can hurt his professional stock going forward.

We all did some wild and crazy things while we were teenagers and especially in college. Who amongst us still has a college story that's so embarrassing that your spouse or parent still doesn't know about?

Imagine if Twitter or Facebook would have been around then?

Most of us would have to go into the witness protection program. That is life today, especialy for Manziel, who is the first freshmen to win the Heisman trophy.

Manziel has to realize that he is not bigger than Texas A&M or colege football. He also has to realize that everything he does whether good or bad is being chronicled. All the negative press will feed to he NFL, where teams will not only look at his faults but also Manziel's ability to lead.

The starting quarterback is the face of the franchise. So whether you party hard during the week, when its practice time on Wednesday, you can't hit the snooze button. In the professional world, poor tweets and staying out all night are not reasons to miss work. If you are coach Kevin Sumlin or Manziel's parents its time to sit the young man down and have him understand what's at stake for im.

Manziel needs to realize that the target on his back in bigger and the once quiet life of anonymity is now gone. Although he is still 20, the leadership mantle is now thrust upon him and with that mantle comes great responsibilty. Manziel not only leads his university but he is the face of college football.

Manziel has to be as good or even better than last year on the field and in the tough SEC it will be difficult. Another step he can take is by showing everyone that he owns up to his mistakes and will come out of all the controversy by being a better leader. We will see if Johnny Football is contrite and honest at SEC Media day. As the Sting song says "I'll Be Watching You..."