Johnny football will go down as one of the most iconic college football players of all time. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel declared for the NFL draft on Wednesday following two spectacular seasons in which he became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and helped the Aggies make a splash in their first two years in the Southeastern Conference.

“After long discussions with my family, friends, teammates, and coaches, I have decided to make myself available for the 2014 NFL Draft,” Manziel said in a letter posted online by the university.

Manziel's college career has been filled with controversy, fame and sheer brilliance, here are his top 10 moments during his career with the Aggies.

10: Twitter

As you could probably imagine, being one of the most famous sportsman in the country comes with both positive and negative sides, and one negative is abuse. Johnny Football has 724,000 twitter followers, and un-surprisingly not all of them are very nice. Unlike other athletes, Manziel also isn't afraid to give it back, giving us some quite frankly brilliant entertainment as he exchanges words with haters, none however can compete with this tweet in July.

Just an everyday tweet johnny Manziel receives daily

Johnny Manziel gives it back to a hater


9: Johnny Football's 95-Yard TD to Mike Evans v Alabama

With his team trailing by 14 points midway through the fourth quarter, Manziel and the offense faced a 3rd-and-9 on their own 5-yard line. Failing to get a first down would likely put the game out of reach. But the sensational sophomore pulled a rabbit out of his hat and made one of the best plays of his career.


8: 'Money'

With Johnny Manziel you balance the good with the, well, ugly. Manziel was suspended for the first half of Texas A&M’s 2013 season opener against Rice due to an “inadvertent violation” of NCAA rules regarding autograph signing. Soon after throwing his first touchdown of the season in the third quarter,he did this:

Johnny Manziel gets suspended for this celbration


7: 'Goodbye'

In what was likely his final game as an Aggie, Manziel gave a signature performance, completing 30-of-38 passes for 382 yards and four touchdowns in a 52-48 Chick-fil-A Bowl win over Duke. Trailing 38-17 in the second quarter, Manziel ran into a blockade of players, hurdled over a linebacker to avoid a sack, then backpedaled away to yes you guessed it, score with a touchdown pass.


6: 'Casino'

Johnny Football simply wouldnt be Johnny Football without stories like these, during the 2012 offseason he and two friends won big at the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, an 18-and-over-establishment, in the hours following the win over the Sooners. 

Manziel posted a picture of him and two friends showing off their winnings on Instagram, but later took the photo down. 

Johnny Manziel uploads this to his twitter

This tweet by Manziel is later deleted


5) 'Deer'

College fans where shocked when this photo of Johnny Manziel was shown to the internet, (via @WatchOle) posted this photo of Manziel and a monster whitetail deer he shot. Word on the street is that he bagged this buck during A&M’s bye week before LSU. This again sparked controversy as people were shouting for Manziel to be suspended once more.

Johnny Football goes Deer hunting, during a bye week.


4) 576 Total Yards vs. Louisiana Tech

In one of the most thrilling games you'll ever see, Texas A&M  beat Louisiana Tech, 59-57.The Aggies jumped out to a 27-0 lead and led, 46-23, late in the third quarter before the Bulldogs came roaring back to within two points to make it 46-44. Manziel then threw a 17-yard touchdown pass to Thomas Johnson before an incredible 72-yard scoring run, which gave his team a 59-44 lead.

3) 'Alabama Magic'

During the second quarter of the Alabama-Texas A&M rematch in September, Manziel made an amazing scramble on third-and-8 to avoid a sack, maneuvering away from 290-pound defensive tackle Jeoffrey Pagan, and managed to throw the ball nearly 50 yards for a 12-yard gain, the play was absoloutely incredible and defines Manziel's playing style and character.

2) 'Johnny beats Bama'

Manziel’s Heisman moment came against undefeated Alabama in 2012, when — on the road in Tuscaloosa — he bobbled the football, recovered it, then scrambled left and found Ryan Swope in the end zone. Manziel completed 24 passes for 259 yards and rushed for 107 more as the Aggies shocked the Crimson Tide 29-24.


1) Johnny wins the Heisman

After a truly incredible 2012 for Johnny Football, it was topped off with a Heisman win. By winning the award in 2012, he became the first freshman to ever be handed the bronze stiff-arm statue. The ceremony put the cherry on top of a remarkable season in which Manziel accounted for 47 touchdowns and over 5,100 yards of total offense. He was clearly the best player in the game throughout the season.


Johnny Football becomes the first ever Freshman to win the heisman