If freshman QB Johnny Manziel can take over a game against Alabama, then South Carolina's head coach Steve Spurrier needs to apologize to the NFL for his comments about Bama beating an NFL team.

Texas A&M found a weakness in Alabama's defense. Their no-huddle hurry up offense made Alabama look disoriented. I've never seen Alabama's defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart, have to guess what scheme to use.

QB Johnny Manziel threw, ran, and handed the ball off with a quick motion to create a very tired Bama defense. Alabama's linebackers Nico Johnson and C.J. Mosely were off balanced by the spread formation and the talent of Manziel. Manziel threw for 253 yards with two TDs and rushed for 92 yards with zero INTs.

Alabama was exposed by Manziel when the Tide couldn't create a pass rush. Thinking of this years' Alabama team, I'm reminded of the 2008 team. They could beat the average teams, but were weak against good teams. The 2008 Florida and Utah games are very comparable to the last two for the 2012 team.

Texas A&M came to the SEC at the right time to stop the SEC's streak of national championships. I know Kansas State feels fortunate that the Aggies left their conference. One thing is for sure, Texas A&M will make the SEC much more powerful in the future.

Finally, I found it amazing how Manziel could make Nick Saban's team so undisciplined. I feel sorry for Georgia when they go against Alabama at the end of the season.


Sweetheart's Stuff

Once again, Stuart, you have baffled me. Why am I forced to look at your Georgia t-shirt all day and wash your Georgia pajamas? Why, when I'm in my rocking chair getting some fresh North Carolina air, must our pine tree have a face staring back at me wearing a Georgia cap? Why can't I listen to the chirping of the birds instead of the flapping of that Georgia flag? Why? Why? Why?

I make all these sacrifices only for you to criticize your team all season. You, my little Dawgs fan with no faith, it's time to stick by your team or stick that flag....

Finally, who cares about Nick Saban?