If you have a radio or a TV you know the big dilemma is about JoePa, moreover, the conundrum his standing statue in Happy Valley, PA presents. "Leave it up," and "take it down," each have their camp. I have listened to their supporting logic.

No matter where we stand, we understand both arguments. Sure, we may not agree, but we understand. After careful consideration, I have the answer. The correct one.

Leave it up.

There I said it. Leave it up and never ever let it come down.

Yes, I have heard (and agree with) the argument that you cannot celebrate a man who did what he did - that being said, art, or in this case a statue, isn't always a celebration.
Let's glance back at the whole picture. Since Sandusky's disgusting acts had their first witness, all remaining molestations were the direct result of a cover up. If the statue is removed, it will be just another act to cover up or remove a stain. To forget something that should not be.

As we journey forward Penn State will continue to be a place of higher education, one that grooms wonderful young men and women to be honorable contributors to the world - regardless of what happens with the football program. The story of what happened on their campus can serve as a tool in their development.

Perhaps they might want to remove the plaque that accompanies the statue that reads "Educator. Coach. Humanitarian." Or, they want to add another such as "Tell my story." or "A man's life may only be judged after it's last breath."
Holocaust museums are not intended to celebrate the atrocities of WWII, rather they stand to ensure that nobody ... ever ... forgets.

JoePa's statue is sobering, it is sad, but I am surprised it has been so polarizing. Surely everyone understands that everyone associated with children, particularly educators, must act swiftly to protect any and all children. So let his besmirched legacy do just that.

Perhaps Paterno's unthinkable act of deceit in his years of Abraham - one that has eclipsed all of his worldly achievements through shame brought shame - will come be his greatest contribution - albeit completely unintentionally and thereby devoid of any credit due.

Nevertheless, I am quite certain that anyone who is old enough to understand what happened and the totality of its implications - will be far less likely to be so foolish, calloused, and arrogant should they find themselves in similar shoes. They will do what is right no matter how close to the alleged perpetrator they are or what institution they believe they are protecting.
Leave the statue up. Tell the story. Never forget.