Plenty of teams along with the Ravens made their pitch to sign the best QB available in this years crop of free agents.  Word has it, that Flacco agreed to remain in Baltimore for 6 years and $120 million.  Flacco was a priority for the Ravens, who didn't want to tag him, rather re-signed him for what should be the remainder of his career, and is also a record amount for a quarterback.

Flacco was a key player in the Ravens Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.  He had an incredible season, completing 317 out of 531 throws for 59.7 percent, a 7.2 average for the season, threw 22 touchdowns against only 10 interceptions, and was sacked 35 times during the regular season, and he also registered an 87.7 rate.

Flacco has become the Ravens franchise quarterback and silenced all the critics that said he would be a bust when drafted and during his first few season.  It was those same critics that are now chasing the rumor mill of where Flacco would sign and play next, as if he would give up the chemistry the Ravens possess today.

The Ravens have their hands full with unrestricted free-agents Flacco, Kruger, Williams, and Reed.  The  Ravens are nearly strapped with Flacco's' signing, but they can potentially work some deals to open some space to get Reed back next season, or at least slap him with the franchise tag.

Its a mess trying to keep last year's Super Bowl winning team intact, but the first priority of keeping the Ravens in contention was re-signing Flacco and not allowing him to walk.  With Flacco returning and Rice at his best, the Ravens are well on their way to contesting for another dance at the big game.  Now they need to work on the defense, but its looking very good in Baltimore next season.