As someone who does not live in the New York area, I do not always get to watch my beloved Giants on television and this was the case on Saturday night.  I did, however, follow the game online and given the choice between being able to watch the game live and getting a tooth pulled without novocaine, I would have had to seriously think about it.   Regardless, there was a game that needs discussing so here are five things that we learned about the Giants and Jets:

1. Geno Smith Is Not Ready To Be The Starter

I was going to write "Mark Sanchez Will Be The Starter To Open The Season," but after Sanchez suffered a shoulder injury in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, it looks like the starting quarterback job belongs to Smith.   I know that Smith is just a rookie but to play as he did against a Giants defense that is not exactly going to make anyone forget about the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970's, Jets nation has to be a bit concerned.  

2. The Giants Offensive Line Needs To Be Reshuffled, Again

Besides one 84 yard touchdown run by David Wilson, the Giants starting offense looked downright putrid on Saturday night.   Eli Manning was pressured consistently and when he wasn't, he just didn't look right.  When it comes to the running game, the combination of Wilson and Andre Brown produced just 11 carries for 25 yards when you take away the aforementioned touchdown run by Wilson.  Center David Baas will miss the rest of the preseason and may be back for the opener against the Cowboys, but the versatile David Diehl will be out for another five weeks.  If Baas does not make it back for the showdown in "Big D," guard Kevin Boothe may need to shift over to center meaning James Brewer would be inserted at guard.  Either way, the Giants will have to mix and match here.

3. The Jets Need To Get Rid Of Mark Sanchez

This is probably not something we learned on Saturday night, but it was sure confirmed that Mark Sanchez needs to go play somewhere else, and soon.  The Jets fans don't want him (which was evidenced by the fact that there were cheers when he got injured), new general manager John Idzik doesn't want him and the Jets just don't have the talent on offense for Sanchez to succeed.   Like in the first preseason game against the Lions, I thought Sanchez looked good against the Giants except for one blunder.  I believe that given the right circumstance, Sanchez could be a solid quarterback in the NFL so for his sake, I hope the Jets can figure out a way to get rid of him.

4. The Giants Are In Trouble

Honestly, I am usually optimistic when it comes to the Giants, but despite most of my fellow fans telling me that it is "just the preseason," the last two weeks against the Colts and Jets have been disasters.  On offense, the line cannot pass protect consistently and when they do, Eli Manning has not looked good (though I am not concerned about him).  The running game has also produced very little except for David Wilson's 84 yard run against the Jets.   Then there is the red zone.  What do you say about thier performance there?  At least in last night's game they tried something new when they had four tight ends in the game together on the same play and it will take more creative thinking from offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to produce some touchdowns because what he was doing was not working and did not work last year either.   The defense hasn't been great but I am willing to give them a pass since they have been without Jason Pierre-Paul, Corey Webster, Antrel Rolle and rookie Damontre Moore.  With that said, they still should have dominated more against a woeful Jets offense.  It's never a good sign when the best player on the field is your punter.

5. Rex Ryan Is A Dead Man Walking

Again, probably not something we learned last night, but Ryan is the definition of a "lame duck."   New general manager John Idzik recently said that he will have a "pretty big role" in determining who the starting quarterback will be; not sure what a "pretty big role" means, but whatever it does mean is not good for Ryan.  Also, Ryan's judgment to insert Sanchez into a preseason game in the fourth quarter and his subsequent explanation as to why he did it were both highly questionable to say the least.  Barring a miracle season, there is no way that Rex Ryan is the head coach of the New York Jets in 2014.