This is third preseason game and this is where the starters play the entire first half.  This should make the fans of the New York Jets shudder.

Here are five things learned from this preseason game.

So this is what "brutal" looks like:

Geno Smith started the game and played three quarters.  The first half we got a glimpse of what brutal looks like. Smith ended the game with 199 yards on 16-of-30.  He had one touchdown.  And oh yeah, he passed for three interceptions.   

This is what a bad decision looks like:

It is hard to believe but it looked like Smith lost the starting job to Mark Sanchez. 

So what was the purpose of putting Sanchez in the game in the middle of the fourth quarter with 11 minutes left? If you believe head coach Rex Ryan, it is because they play to win.  So, Ryan wanted to win with a first string quarterback playing with men who have not even solidified their positon on the team. 

Well, the outcome was two knockdowns by the New York Giants defense.  The second knockdown resulting in a shoulder injury to his throwing arm. 

That's one way to weed out the quarterback competition. 

Did someone say Wildcat?

In a pivotal third quarter drive Bilal Powell lead a 57 yard drive that ended in a touchdown.  While that in itself is pivotal, the more important news?  Two plays in the drive Powell lined up in a wildcat formation. 

Are you watching Tony Sparano?  That is what a successful wildcat looks like, and it can be run even without Tim Tebow.

Powell finished the game with a menial 11 carries for 16 yards and a touchdown.  But he looked like a stud in the wildcat formation. 

This is not how you want to make a name for yourself

Former first round pick Kyle Wilson had his named called, for all the wrong reasons.  Wilson got flagged for three penalties.  Two of the penalties were on the same drive for pass interference.  You could say that Wilson collected the most yards for the New York Giants on that drive.

There was another team on the field

There was another team on the field and they had a spark on their side.  David Wilson was announced as the starting running back for the Giants before the game started.  He ended the game showing why he got the starting nod and is a fantasy football darling. 

Wilson had five carries for 94 yards and a touchdown.  Eighty-four of those yards came on one carry in the first quarter.  Wilson burned pass the entire Jets defense on an 84-yard touchdown run. 

He looked good.

Lessons are coming fast and hard with the Jets.  Why then does it feel like they aren't getting any wiser?