Jermichael Finley Jermichael Finley, honestly, is one of my most hated players. It's weird too, because I'm a Packers fan.

Well, it's not weird. The weird thing is, I'm about to tell you why you should put him on your fantasy team.

Finley last year was 19th in fantasy points for tight ends. He's the 7th highest-paid tight end in the league. That's not good. He only had two touchdowns.

What's even worse, is he had the most drops in the entire league last year. I've even nicknamed him "Drop-michael Fin-hands." Plus, he's only played two full seasons, and that was at the beginning of his career.

But, I guess we should talk about the good.

Luckily, after the threat of losing his job (which I kind of hoped for), he stepped it up, gaining 150 extra yards with only about five more catches. I'm assuming that threat is still linguring, and could end up putting him out of a job in Green Bay next year. So he HAS to step it up.

Over the offseason, he's been working on getting in better shape as well. He's put on a bit more weight after losing about 15 pounds over last year's offseason. I'm going to guess that he realized his mouth wasn't going to keep him playing well, so he had to actually work to stay fit. (Him AND his agent do a lot of talking).

Seeing as Greg Jennings left, I'm sure Aaron Rodgers is going to need another big target. That will give him a lot more catches, meaning more yards. Plus, Jennings was one of the Packers' biggest red zone targets. With him gone, I'm sure the massive tight end will get his chances.

Overall, he could be a good tight end, but I wouldn't take him until the VERY end of your fantasy draft.