Jeremy Mincey The Jacksonville Jaguars’ biggest moves to improve their pass rush were to sign Roy Miller and Sen’Derrick Marks, two defensive tackles and Brandon Deaderick, a defensive end over the off season.

The team also announced on Wednesday that Tyson Alualu would be used some at defensive end during the season.

If these moves do not get your heart racing with anticipation, you are not alone. The Jaguars come into the 2013 season with many of the same parts that they had last season, a season that saw their defensive unit plummet to one of the worst in the league.

We are talking 20 sacks on the season bad. And the stars of the defense, Paul Posluszny and Jason Babin, will go back to camp with new faces and old to work with and try to produce a winner. There is a lot of work cut out for Bob Babich, the new defensive coordinator for this team.

The one name we haven’t heard much about is Jeremy Mincey, who is one year removed from a new contract and the leading force in the pass rush for this team. His silence, which is fitting since his game was lost in translation last season, produced two sacks after he signed a four-year contract to stay with this team and not bolt to Chicago, saying it was a conversation he had with then general manager Gene Smith about being “wanted” by the team.

The team wanted him to be another pass rush star, and all they got was two sacks on their investment. Anyone can tell you who lost in that deal.

Now, with a new head coach, new attitude and new regime - things could look up for Mincey and others who need to make an impact in a hurry with this franchise.

Don’t forget Austen Lane and Andre Branch also need to live up to the hype.

At 6’4” and 265 pounds, Mincey is still the fast “cat” off the line who can be a disruptive force for this team. He figures to compete with Branch, who was placed on IR at the end of last season, for the other starting end spot, opposite Babin.

This also fits into what Bradley’s plan was in Seattle and the reason the Seahawks defense was one of the best in the NFL and so dominant in the playoffs.

If Mincey can prove he is as good as 2011, then this is one more piece to add to a puzzle that could be better than most think this season.

Two years ago, the pass rush started with Mincey. This year, it needs to end with him as well.