Every time Jay Cutler drops back to throw the ball, he is a dead man scrambling, literally.  The franchise quarterback was brought in three years ago to revitalize a proud franchise and bring the Bears back to the glory days of the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” 

In his fourth year as the Bears starting quarterback, Cutler looks less like a franchise quarterback and resembles a quarterback who is shell shocked from all the hits and sacks he has taken over the years. 

In the past 28 starts, Cutler has been sacked an average of three times per game.  Not to mention the countless numbers of hurries and hits after the throw and it’s no wonder why the Bears offense has a difficult time being consistent throwing the football. 

Who’s the blame? 

We thought it was Mike Martz razzle-dazzle offensive system that lit up the score board in St. Louis (not so much in Chicago).  As the Bears offensive coordinator, he left Cutler as a sitting duck with minimal pass protection.  In other words, he was a gazelle surrounded by a pride of lions. 

Enter offensive line coach Mike Tice.  He took over as the offensive coordinator promising to alleviate the punishment Cutler has sustained.  Wrong!  Cutler has been sacked 11 times this year and the hits keep coming and coming. 

What’s wrong with the offensive line? 

They are terrible!  Remember that game against the New York Giants last year?  The Bears' offensive line gave up 10 sacks.  10 sacks?  No wonder Jay Cutler blew up at his offensive lineman against the Green Bay Packers.  They are getting that man killed!  At age 29, his window of success is closing and if he keeps taking countless hits after countless hits, then that window will close sooner rather than later. 

Jay Cutler has to take the blame right?

Yes sir!  Cutler holds onto the ball way too long.  At times, he scans the entire field and still holds onto the football.  The offensive line can only hold their blocks for so long, so Cutler needs to get rid of the football early and often.  The Bears front office brought in Brandon Marshall and drafted Alshon Jeffrey to give Cutler the weapons he needs.  Not to mention, they still have explosive Devin Hester. 

Cutler and Tice need to figure out a way to make this work in a hurry, or for the third straight year, the Bears will be without their starting quarterback.