James Sims Jr. QB Jake Heaps is averaging 5.8 yards per pass attempt, good for 108th best in the country. His 10.8 yards per completion rank eighth out of eight regular starting quarterbacks in the Big 12 (excluding Texas and West Virginia starters).

Kansas isn't running the ball well, and they're not throwing the ball downfield either. That means it's time to put Sr. RB James Sims back in the backfield... at quarterback.

Forget Sr. WR Christian Matthews. Forget So. Michael Cummings. Every time they step behind center, the defense waits for a run.

If the box is stacked, who better to take snaps from the Jayhawk formation than Sims? Or maybe it's not Sims; perhaps it's So. Darrian Miller or Jr. Brandon Bourbon. Regardless, it needs to be one of Kansas' best ball-carriers.

Choosing which of the three comes down to quarterback skills, because it's time to let the Jayhawk throw the football.

Screen passes, swing passes, bubble screens, quick hitches, quick slants, short rollouts and outs to running backs in the flats are all passes any athlete with half an arm could complete. I have a gut feeling one of Miller, Bourbon or Sims, all three talented athletes, could tote a football with some velocity and accuracy more than 10 yards.

The key here is completing short passes out of the box. Come out throwing from the first play in the new Jayhawk formation, and even the second play. In fact, a "run" play should never be called. Every single play out of the Jayhawk should be a pass; Sims, however, has the option to take off between the tackles whenever the numbers appear to be in his favor.

It's not a cure-all or a permanent change. However, it adds a better dynamic to Kansas' offense than gimmick formations with Matthews and Cummings at the helm.

Best of all, it puts the ball in Sims' hands with space and options.