Former LSU standout and 2007 NFL No. 1 draft pick JaMarcus Russell wants to make a comeback to the NFL and I think that this can happen. However, he has a long road ahead of him because of his weight gain through the years which is reported by CBS sports as he’s topping a whopping 308 lbs. I hope people aren’t surprised by this news because as we remember when Russell was on the Oakland Raiders he wasn’t the best in conditioning and he didn’t take the game seriously.

Now for some reason Russell had an epiphany that he should be back where it all started and that’s the NFL. I always say that Russell robbed the Oakland Raiders legally for $39 million in guaranteed money. For one, Russell is doing this for some kind of closure I feel to show that he wasn’t a draft bust and a respectable quarterback. It’s not for the money in my opinion. I understand through all the media reports that he’s broke but who is going to pay him top dollar?

JaMarcus Russell is working with the best former professional NFL players out there. He’s working with Jeff Garcia, Marshall Faulk and Mike Clayton just to name a few. These guys are dedicated to getting Russell back in shape so he can have his redemption back into the NFL. I’m just so surprised that these guys truly believe in him today and will put in the work to get him ready mentally and physically.

I understand that America is a country of second chances and those stories are great to read and witness. But what Russell showed the country was that he didn’t want to be a NFL player in no way necessary. So what is different now I ask? Being 6’6” as a quarterback is something that we’ve hasn’t seen before and he could help a team as a backup if he makes the cut. Truly I wish good things for him if he’s committed on getting back in shape and understanding it’s a privilege to play in the NFL.

This could be Russell’s moment on playing the game he claims that he misses and loves and give back to the league where he took so much from. I’m sorry readers out there but JaMarcus Russell hasn’t showed me anything in his past play with the Oakland Raiders that can be any good on any team that would take a chance on him.