JaMarcus Russell went down as the biggest bust in NFL history. It used to be Ryan Leaf, but Russell has taken the crown by leaps and bounds.

In his short career, Russell amassed 18 TDs and 23 INTs.

Doesn't sound like the worst of all time, but it's a lot worse than it looks, just ask any real Raiders fan. 

When he got sacked, he seemed to do whatever he could to lose more yards. In his career, Russell lost almost 500 yards due to sacks. He averaged under 150 yards per game, and had one of the worst throwing motions since Tim Tebow of 2011.

Still, in recent years the NFL has been a place to find redemption, though no one has come back from a horrible career like Russell's it's still possible.

With that said, where are the top three landing spots for this hefty hopeful?