JaMarcus RussellOne of, if not the biggest NFL draft busts in recent memory, is planning on making a comeback to the NFL.

Yes, 2007 first overall pick JaMarcus Russell, who currently weighs over 300 pounds, is looking for an NFL roster spot.

The 27-year-old has dropped 12 pounds, going from 320 to 308 and is determined to prove his critics wrong.

He has not taken a snap in the big show since 2009, but is looking to shake his bust label and, of course, reel in another pay check.

Russell will have a team of athletes to train with during his return. Retired running back and NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk and former quarterback Jeff Garcia are among the people assisting his return.

Several teams are hurting at the quarterback position going into the offseason. With no big-name players up for grabs, he definitely picked the right year to return.

Here are three teams that could take a chance on JaMarcus Russell.

New York Jets

Mark Sanchez: 246-453 (54.3 percent) for 2,883 yards, 13 touchdowns, 18 interceptions.

Greg McElroy: 19-31 (61.3 percent) for 214 yards, one touchdown, one interception.

Tim Tebow: 6-8 for 39 yards

Need I say more?

The Jets' quarterback situation last season looked like a circus act. They are in desperate need of a signal-caller and bringing in someone like Russell would not surprise me one bit.

This reeks of a New York Jets signing. With Tebow expected to be out sooner rather than later, they will need another quarterback. JaMarcus Russell’s comeback story will be one of the biggest during the offseason and picking him up would allow the Jets to stay in the limelight.

Although they would be better off with someone like Jason Campbell or Matt Moore, it is more Jets-like to take a chance on a high-profile player.

Kansas City Chiefs

Many people have the Kansas City Chiefs selecting Geno Smith with the first overall pick in the 2013 Draft. Over the next few months, however, their front office will figure out that no quarterback in this class is worthy of the No. 1 overall selection.

As of right now, Kansas City is in a position where they can still select a signal-caller in the second round. Assuming they do or bring someone in through free agency, they will have an open roster spot considering Brady Quinn is a free agent.

This is a very similar situation to what Andy Reid had in Philadelphia. Reid was one of the only coaches that were willing to take a chance on Vick and it paid off to an extent.

The Eagles had McNabb and Kolb, keeping Vick at third-string. In 2013 the Chiefs could very well have Cassel, a rookie/free agent and then JaMarcus Russell as their third-string.

Kansas City has a need at the quarterback position. If there is one man who will take a chance on someone who has been out of the league for a couple of years, history says it is Andy Reid.

Oakland Raiders

There are plenty of Raiders fans who will more than likely want to crucify me for this. With the state of their quarterback situation the way it is, though, there could be room for JaMarcus Russell in Oakland.

Since his departure they have gone through Bruce Gradkowski, Jason Campbell and invested their future in Carson Palmer. With Gradkowski and Campbell now gone, the team currently belongs to Palmer.

Terrelle Pryor is breathing down his neck and could challenge him for the starting job, but there is no depth behind those two. Matt Leinart should be as good as gone this offseason, leaving room for the only and only Mr. Russell.

It couldn’t get much worse for Oakland. With Palmer here, they are not going to attract any free agent quarterbacks and cannot afford to spend a draft pick on one. JaMarcus Russell is just looking for another opportunity and will be one of the only players that will sign with them.

A lot of questionable moves have been made by that franchise. Unless they are still bitter, you can bet they will take a look at their former first-round pick.