JaMarcus Russell JaMarcus Russell. He was a former first-round selection and top overall pick from the 2007 draft class.

The Raiders spent $61 million, 32 of that guaranteed, just to get him to end his holdout.

In repayment, Russell gave the Raiders a lemon, or was it a king-sized bust as he went 7-18 as a starter, before the Raiders and Al Davis released him back in 2010.

Now, after nearly three years of not playing, Russell is attempting a return to the NFL.

Many are calling this decision delusional, but there’s a very fine line between insanity and sheer genius. Russell already has the public eating out of his hands; the same way he fed himself to a whopping weight of near 300 pounds, clearly making him the prime candidate for “America’s Next Biggest Loser.”

Sure, Russell will go through the motions of gaining the public’s pity as he goes through another failed attempt to be successful in the NFL. Also, he will use outcry after outcry to lull you in, so he can accomplish his goal and turn a huge loss into an overnight fortune. 

Marshall Faulk is already fueling this move by promoting Russell’s comeback. Faulk is a big public figure in the sporting community, and only the first of many that will sponsor and promote this tour.

One can’t help but wonder if Russell has eaten his way (pun intended) through his money, because nobody would go out of their way to risk public humiliation unless they have a hidden agenda.  Russell’s agenda isn’t very hard to piece together -- he wants to bathe in public fame. 

He’s not after making it in the NFL, it’s a sure thing he won’t make any team for the 2013 season, but one thing he will make, is a tear jerking book about his failures, weight, and a broken dream. 

He will be set up to be the latest reality show booking, and hey, this may even capture the attention of Vince McMahon, need I say more?

The public will relish in his failed return and make him the next New York Times Best Seller, before turning him into any reality show’s feature star, as he gathers your pity and annoyance on his publicity stunt tour to fame. Welcome to the JaMarcus Russell brand, the latest “poor me” story that will rip through our branding country and steal headlines throughout 2013.

The NFL and its fans had forgotten him; he ballooned into a 300-pound beefalo, and squandered his fortunes for depression. Haven’t we, the public, been here enough times to be able to immediately see a publicity stunt as it’s developing right before our very eyes? Are you ready to go all in as he fails to make a return and profit off his name at your disposal?

JaMarcus Russell is a brand you had better get used to hearing, not because he will triumphantly be an NFL star, but because he will succeed at becoming the largest" poor me life" celebrity story.  Now, how can America resist that?