There is no clear cut leader in the race to be the Jaguars starting quarterback come September 8th against Kansas City. The fact there is no decisive front runner really means that Blaine Gabbert is winning this competition.

As the starter last season, Gabbert led the Jaguars to a 1-9 record before he was injured and gave way to Chad Henne, who could do no better and helped the team to its only other win of the season.

While the two quarterbacks look almost identical in their appearance and the mechanics, it can be seen that Gabbert does have stronger arm, but is not as strong with his demeanor or the footwork he displays. He did injure his ankle last week, which has slowed him down.

Just by looking at the 23-year-old, you can tell Gabbert is more mobile and athletic quarterback, something David Caldwell stressed was important in the offseason when he was named the team’s general manager. But as the two quarterbacks remain neck and neck, you almost have to figure this franchise is leaning toward Gabbert because of his age, his ability to roll out of the pocket and his contract, which has two years remaining.

In my opinion, this is an audition of sorts for Gabbert. You know what you will get from Henne, which is game management. The Jaguars need someone who can take the reins and win a game or two in the clutch.

They are hoping that is Gabbert.

In other Jaguars news from Tuesday as the team prepares for Friday’s home preseason opener against Miami…

  • Cecil Shorts was seen on the sidelines but not in practice. Shorts pulled a calf muscle on Monday, an injury head coach Gus Bradley said was, “nothing.” The star receiver, according to Bradley, is being held out of drills as a precautionary measure.
  • Defensive End Jeremy Mincey is being held out of camp with a concussion. Not much has been said about Mincey’s injury, only that the Jaguars are following the NFL’s concussion policy with this situation. Multiple concussions last season forced Laurent Robinson to retire.
  • Justin Forsett was not in pads on Tuesday, but he was seen on the practice fields. In warm-ups, Forsett injured his right toe last week and was in a walking boot until the start of the week. His right foot and ankle were tapped.
  • Denard  Robinson is now wearing No. 16 for the Jaguars. It is the same number he wore in college at Michigan. Jordan Shipley was wearing No. 16, but is now wearing No. 15. Shipley wore No. 8 in college at Texas.