Maurice Jones-Drew finally decided to end his holdout today and will report to the Jaguars' facility.

The reason?  If he did not report today, he would not be guaranteed his $4.45 million dollar contract for 2012.  This equates to roughly $262,000 per game for last year's leading rusher. 

When it's all said and done, this holdout did nothing but cost MJD $1.2 million in fines and a $50,000 workout bonus.

Did Jones-Drew have premise for his holdout?  Absolutely!  He was the leading rusher in the NFL last season and has produced at a high level throughout his contract.

But the contract that he signed didn't have verbiage to state that he could break the contract and demand a new one if he "outplayed" it.  That's what players have to realize when they sign their initial contracts.  You can't bully the man that is paying you, especially as a running back in today's league.  The only player that really has this type of leverage is an elite quarterback.

The NFL is the only organization that doesn't guarantee contracts because it's such a dangerous sport.  You can't give a guy $100 million and have him suffer a career ending injury the very next year.  It's not a good business decision.

I commend Khan for taking a stand against MJD in regards to his contract holdout.  If you want to be able to break your contract when you feel that you've outplayed it, then make sure that verbiage is included in your initial contract.

If you don't have a way out, then you can't complain and put your teammates in a precarious situation, especially when you're a team captain.

I hope MJD has learned something from this and I hope the rest of the players in the league take notice.  You are expendable.  Don't hurt your teammates because you failed to address situations in your current contract.