Chad HenneThe Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off another win last night when they defeated Houston 27-20 in front of the home crowd for the team’s first home win since November of 2012.

The win was the third straight for the team and the fourth in five games since Week 10 in the NFL.

To say the Jaguars are a hot team right now would be a little bit exaggerated, but four wins are still four wins, even if they are against teams with losing records.

The remainder of the schedule for the Jaguars, with Buffalo, Tennessee and Indianapolis still on the radar means another win or two is a real possibility. Running the table, however, would be a miracle. This is not 1996.

The change in the franchise has come from the defensive side of the ball where Bob Babich and team head coach Gus Bradley have been able to take free agents, veterans and draft picks and form them into a cohesive unit. The run game has taken off a bit, as Maurice Jones-Drew has found his running legs again. And the play of Ace Sanders of late has been a huge help in the passing game. The next three weeks could be very interesting for the team.

Here are a few things the Jaguars accomplished in the win on Thursday night.

- The team had its first scoring drive that lasted over five minutes. The Jaguars' opening drive was 6:12. The end result was a touchdown pass from Chad Henne to Cecil Shorts.

- Maurice Jones-Drew ran for over 100 yards for the first time all year. Drew had 103 yards on 14 carries for the game.

- The defensive front applied pressure all night. The Jaguars finished with three sacks total.

- It is the second week in a row where Chad Henne hit the turf fewer times than his opponent.

- The defense rose to the occasion. In the last two drives by Houston, linebacker Geno Hayes had an interception that sealed the game and then Ryan Davis and the front line sacked backup quarterback Matt Schaub as time expired.

- For the second week in a row, someone other than Chad Henne threw a touchdown pass. Ace Sanders hit Marcedes Lewis in the end zone on an option pass that fooled the Texans defense.

- The Jaguars have now won three in a row and will face Buffalo on December 15.

If those stats weren’t enough to excite the Jaguars and its fans, then maybe the talk about Maurice Jones-Drew playing in Jacksonville is.

The running back was interviewed in the postgame show on NFL Network and told Rich Eisen he wants to come back to Jacksonville next season. He said he and his agent have expressed interest to Jaguars management, especially general manager David Caldwell. He said the two sides would meet after the season, discuss things and work something out.

The Jaguars have been playing with MJD as their lead back and Jordan Todman as the backup. Denard Robinson has been in limited plays this season and Justin Forsett cannot stay healthy with foot issues. Jones-Drew is in the final year of his contract. The Jaguars would have the option of placing a franchise tag on him if contract negotiations did not resolve a new deal.