JaguarsThis should be fun.

As the Jaguars move on to Week 2 in the free agent frenzy, things have certainly slowed down in the NFL.

Top players remain on the board, while there was movement with middle-of-the-pack players who worked deals over the weekend.

Jacksonville took a short breather before they jumped back in on Monday, but it may be through communications via email and cell phones.

Head coach Gus Bradley and general manager David Caldwell will be in Louisville to see Teddy Bridgewater show off his NFL arm to the team and other scouts. Bridgewater is thought to be one of the key players on the Jaguars’ draft board who could hear their name called in May.

If Jadeveon Clowney is off the board and Bridgewater is waiting at No. 3, I would think the odds are pretty good that does happen. But, that decision is made by the team, not this writer.

The wide receiver position got thinner over the weekend when Hakeem Nicks, Julian Edelman and Emmanuel Sanders all signed deals with new teams. There are still offensive linemen to help solidify the guard and center spots and of course, the team may be back in negotiation with Maurice Jones-Drew if he does not sign with another team.

It is reported there is not much interest in the running back and that the only team I have heard about is the New York Jets. Stay tuned.

If there is any activity to be done, it must focus on the offense. Here are four names to watch for this week.

  • Alex Mack – The transition tag makes him a harder get for this franchise. He is the best lineman still out there. I think he will stay in Cleveland, but the Jaguars need to make a pitch and see if he swings at it.

  • James Jones – He gives this team a veteran receiver and someone to move the chains. Jones may not be the player he once was, but he is still better than any receiver they have on the roster, without Justin Blackmon.

  • Davin Joseph – I think he is an option to start while the team drafts a third or fourth-rounder for grooming. Joseph is a little older than maybe the team is looking for, but beggars cannot be choosers in this market.

  • Miles Austin - Austin is only one year removed from catching 66 passes for 943 yards. Don't write him off just yet. Also, he could be a deep threat in this offense. Imagine speed with Austin, Blackmon and Shorts.