Jeremy Mincey Jeremy Mincey said he loved the London experience.

In an interview conducted on a local Jacksonville news station, the defensive end for the Jaguars said emphatically, the experience there in London the past week is something his hometown team needs weekly.

If the experience before the game, which has included a “Super Bowl-like” atmosphere, maybe he and his teammates should find a way to create more magic during the game.

Mincey said for the Jaguars to win on Sunday, his team needed to have a better pass rush and score more points.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The Jaguars have a total of 11 sacks this season to show for their effort while the defenses from the other seven teams this season have put Jaguars quarterbacks on the ground 28 times.

The desparity is huge - big enough to make this writer question what happened to Paul Hazel and, D’Anthony Smith, George Selvie, defensive linemen who are making contributions to other NFL teams.

Picking free agents to play on a team is not an exact science, but there is some truth in my question. Hazel is a special teams standout for Cleveland. Selvie is a major contributor in Dallas. Smith is a part of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks defensive brigade.

If the Jaguars are going to win on Sunday (or come close), they will need to stop 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and running back Frank Gore. Anything else could be tragic. With all the fun, games and excitement that has already taken place in London, losing by four touchdowns could prove to be damaging in a country that loves a good tragic screen play.

Here are three things the Jaguars must do today…

Ball control

Keep the ball, but do so in running the football. That means Maurice Jones-Drew needs to stop talking about his team taking a step back and he needs to run forward. It amazes me how the more recognizable player on this team is critical of his team, yet used to be able to find running lanes when the offensive line gave him nothing. MJD is as much of the problem as anyone else, and must have a 100-yard performance. He also must help on max protection in passing downs.

Sack your man

While the offensive line must contain the 49ers' pass rush, Mincey, Jason Babin and others must get to the quarterback. That means applying pressure regularly. Colin Kaepernick has not been a juggernaut this season - he can be rattled.

If the team can use Roy Miller and Sen’Derrick Marks to apply pressure up the middle, the 49ers could stay off balanced some of the game.

Be patient

Let the receivers and Chad Henne work the routes. Let the running game develop. Do not try trickery in London. Everything happens for a reason. I suspect the Jaguars will come out a bit overzealoused in this game. The 49ers may jump out to a fast lead, which could affect the mentality of the game. Jacksonville must limit penalties and turnovers to have a chance to win this game.