Geno Smith The look on Geno Smith’s face said it all. Sitting in the Green Room of Radio City Music Hall, waiting to sing the praises of the team that finally called his name.

And when he wasn’t chosen in the first round, the brooding quarterback decided to take his ball, go home and hide.

Then, after a night’s sleep, the West Virginia quarterback decided New York is the place he’d rather be.

But will Jacksonville be the place he wants to be - considering he may be the first player chosen in the second round?

Will the look on his face in the Green Room translate to a player who has a chip on his shoulder, affecting him adversely instead of fortifying his position as the team’s new leader?

Before the Draft, former NFL head coach Jon Gruden and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski praised Smith for this maturity, his knowledge of football and his ability to pick up a complicated system on the fly.

They should have commented on his ability to overcome tough situations, because all 32 teams saw a player who was not thrilled with not being drafted as of yet, and seemed a bit immature. And veterans will have a field day with him during hazing rituals and testing his mettle.

Can Smith now prove to be the darling everyone was talking about at 7:30 last night? Does tonight become the night the Jaguars move from becoming Blaine Gabbert’s team to Geno Smith’s team?

How does the media, the fans and the franchise handle its fifth quarterback in two years? Can this franchise afford to give the reigns to someone still wet behind the ears?

And if you haven’t forgotten, there is still a guy on the roster named Chad Henne. Hopefully, he has something to say about this.

If the 33rd selection in the Draft does indeed happen to be Geno Smith and the card that is read at the podium belongs to the Jaguars, the long and winding road called rebuild and rebirth just got a little longer. Smith is not the man to lead this team. It may not be Ryan Nassib or Matt Barkley, but Smith, for all the reasons he was considered the best quarterback prospect in this draft, is not a good choice for the Jaguars.

While this is a year where youth is served in success daily, this is not a match made for the NFL. Can youth in the form of Smith be an elixir for the Jaguars, or will his need to learn more leadership be a true detriment to this team?