The Jacksonville Jaguars have a few decisions to make in the next two weeks. Deciding who to re-sign in free agency and who to allow to walk and see if the grass is greener somewhere else. May again define this franchise for the upcoming season.

What we know about our Jaguars is simple – this is a team according to general manager David Caldwell that will look to sign a “modest” list of free agents. That might be all fine and dandy for the team and a part of the plan in place to get to the Promised Land in another three seasons, but could someone please explain to me, what does “modest” mean in terms of building this franchise?

The most pressing needs for the franchise are defensive end, quarterback, wide receiver, running back and offensive line. That might not be the order of importance that both Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley see it, but this is my blog. The team must find a starter at all these positions except quarterback, where you figure the team is applying a full court press to Chad Henne before March 11, which is affectionately known as Free Agency.

By general terms, modest means something moderate or in the middle, which still does not explain the team’s game plan for signing current roster players and acquiring new ones from other teams. If I had my pick of the NFL litter, these five guys would be on the Jaguars wish list (I have to remove Riley Cooper since he signed again with Philadelphia – killing my idea of the Florida grad replacing Justin Blackmon in the lineup).

Chad Henne

He knows this offense, the Jaguars expect to draft two quarterbacks, and the team will still need weapons for a “new” quarterback to throw to. I think Henne stays with the team and the Jaguars do not take a passer until the third round. The 2015 quarterback crop will be better and the team could still be up at the draft board.

Eric Winston

The right tackle from the Arizona Cardinals was a star at the University of Miami and could make Jacksonville his next home. If he on the open market, he will drum up interest from other teams needing line help. The Jaguars also need help inside, so there might be more than one player they reach for.

Alex Mack

Whoever gets Mack’s services will have themselves a good solid center. But the Jaguars may have prioritized him as their focal point of free agency. I think the Jaguars also have an idea of playing Mike Brewster and see what happens in 2014.

Lamarr Houston

This free agency is all about supply and demand. There is a long list of good pass rushers in free agency. Can the Jaguars get out in front and get themselves a sack artist that they could possibly pair with Jadeveon Clowney in 2014?

Brandon LeFell

He is a mid-range receiver from Carolina and could replace Justin Blackmon. The Jaguars were thought to have one of the better receiving units in football two seasons ago and we were cheated. We thought Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon would be the same way in 2013 and that went haywire.