If slow and steady wins the race, then the Jacksonville Jaguars are on a pace to win everything in sight. 

Actually, we all know that is not how it works in the NFL. Time makes things right or it slows things down. Players must adapt. Coaches must teach. Time must be alloted for players to make transitions. It is all part of a working unit, a well-oiled machine. 

There are players who have stepped up and shocked us all on the practice fields and there are players who, well let's just say have not done what we expected. Are they a bust? For now they are.

The team doesn't have a win in the preseason and momentum is a wave this franchise surely needed to ride a bit longer. There are still plenty of positives about this franchise. The Jaguars are still a team that will be on the move. 

But for now, here are five players that were disappointments.