Lamarr Houston The Jacksonville Jaguars played the Oakland Raiders in Week 7. For three quarters it appeared the Jaguars would win the game. 

But injuries and inept play proved too much for the Jaguars to overcome. 

Still the game had its share of heroes and zeroes.

Heroes for the Oakland Raiders

The Raiders had a comeback orchestrated by Carson Palmer. 

But it is not Palmer who is the hero of the game. That distinction goes to tackle Lamarr Houston. It was Houston who stripped the ball from Jacksonville's Cecil Shorts III. 

The strip and change of possession gave way to a field goal. Sebastian Janikowski's 40-yard field goal in overtime gave the Raiders 23-26 win over the Jaguars. 

The Raiders can thank both Houston and Janikowski. 

Zeroes for the Oakland Raiders

Darren McFadden once again disappointed both in fantasy and reality. While it is great that he is healthy, his numbers are ailing. 

McFadden managed only 53 yards against the Jaguars. This is the second straight week he has failed to rush for over 100 yards. 

While it is good news that McFadden has remained healthy, his production on the field is anemic. 


Heroes for the Jacksonville Jaguars

The defense for the Jaguars were the heroes of the game. Yes, they gave up the lead to the Oakland Raiders. But because of inept play by the offense, they spent a lot of time on the field. Even when gassed in the second half the defense was the best product the Jaguars put on the field. 

The Jaguars' defense were lead by middle linebacker Paul Posluszny with seven tackles. The defense also had two sacks, one interception and one forced fumble. They also gave Palmer plenty of face time. 

The defense showed a glimmer of what they are capable of producing. 

Zeroes for the Jacksonville Jaguars

It would be too easy and simple to name Cecil Shorts III as the zero of the game. Yes, his fumble in overtime did give the Raiders the winning field goal. 

But the real zero has to go to Chad Henne. Veteran backup Henne did little to keep the Jaguars ahead. He threw for an paltry 71 yards while being sacked three times. Henne's offense had only two first downs after halftime. 

Lessons learned at the losing end are hard lessons. The Jaguars played hard. When their franchise running back went down after two snaps, Rashad Jennings stepped up. Blaine Gabbert and Shorts III looked good. 

Then Gabbert went out with left shoulder injury. The offense never recovered. 

Maybe the greatest lesson is for the those who wished for someone other than Gabbert at the helm.  Maybe the greatest lesson is: be careful what you wish for.