chad henneThere really aren’t many options for Chad Henne and a starting role on an NFL team.

Quite honestly, the Jacksonville Jaguars is the best place to be for a player who started the season before the “starter” was healed from a hand injury, only to replace the “starter” after a lackluster performance and earned the right to come back to the team that signed him to a two-year deal in 2012 and has a chance to be behind center again once the 2014 season.

While this is a team that will draft a rookie quarterback (or two) this season, the continual questions that linger about each top prospect in this Draft make things a little more exciting and give Henne ammunition in his negotiations with Jacksonville.

In his career with the team, Henne has been more of a “mixed bag” type of passer – coming to Jacksonville and has started 19 games and relieved then starter Blaine Gabbert in six other instances.

That is 25 possible games in 32 he has been in north Florida. For his efforts, which includes 3,400 passing yards last season, you have to wonder why the team has been stagnant in getting this man sighed to a new deal. And if Henne hits the free agent market, which teams could be interested in him – as a starter or as back up to a rookie or a young signal caller.

Here are four teams that could show interest in Henne should he not be re-signed by the Jaguars before March 11.


The million-dollar question in does Henne become Matt Flynn with the Raiders' offense? There are not many stars on this team and the offense is weak – something that Henne is used to. If he could throw for 3,400 yards last season in Jacksonville, could he throw for 4,000 yards with Rashard Jennings behind him and Sammy Watkins running routes to catch his passes?

Tampa Bay

This is solely to be there in a backup role. The Buccaneers must continue with the Mike Glennon project and see where it gets them Henne serves as a mentor and someone who can come in to relieve the second-year passer should he falter. It looks like a lateral move – but Tampa Bay is much more prepared to make a playoff run than the Jaguars.


The Vikings quarterback position is almost as dire as the Jaguars. Do we really think Josh Freeman is going to lead this team? Henne would be a game manager here for new head coach Mike Zimmer. If the Vikings can draft a quarterback in the first round, there will still need to be a veteran on the team who will teach the rookie to be patient and deal with the changes in the NFL.


Here is a thought. The Browns make a play for both Kirk Cousins to pass the ball and Ben Tate to run the ball. They miss on both. Henne could be a nice option, should the team not draft a quarterback in the first round.

Or, he becomes a nice option to help mentor a passer, should it be Blake Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater. The Browns could also unite Henne with Maurice Jones-Drew, should Cleveland reach out and sign him instead of Tate.