MJDIf the Jacksonville Jaguars want to learn a few things about winning and changes in team culture, they need look no further than their neighbors to the northwest.

That is where current general manager David Caldwell learned a thing or two about putting a franchise together.

If the Jaguars want to know a thing or two about finding the right pieces to the puzzle that takes an upstart team to the playoffs, they need look no further than the great northwest, where current head coach Gus Bradley saw first hand what finding the right combination of size, speed and a great quarterback can do for a ball club.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars want to know what it is like to play in a Super Bowl or catch a shooting star in the playoffs, they can ask players like Brandon Deaderick and Kyle Love, two players who were in New England and played in the grand event two seasons ago.

Everything in the NFL is cyclic and repetition, teams going through the motions hoping to find better results. When the wheel finally stops turning, the organization looks for other parts to make the process smoother.

In this case, the Jaguars may have waited too long before fixing the wheel and finding better engine parts. The rebuilding process will take longer than most, and in an age and league where winning is the only thing that matters in a season shorter than any other, the word patience may be the worst thing fans and players want to hear.

But if you are looking for a silver lining, there is a feeling of good will in Jacksonville. There is a feeling of improvement. There is a feeling this is the start of something. Yes, all three things heard before, yes all this to keep the fans' excitement level on high. But for some reason, like most out there, I too believe it is happening.

Winning, like everything in life, becomes contagious when there is a belief system that things can work. In football, 53 players have the same system to run through and with OTAs the start of a propaganda-filled summer that this is “the” year for 32 NFL franchises, you cannot help but get caught up in the hype.

I believe it, and so do thousands of other NFL fans in this area and millions in the states and across the globe. We will all believe in it until it does not work, then complain about it until the wheel is fixed again and another engine is in place to start the process over.

But for now, the wheels are turning, the engine is running and the feelings of a championship in this town are moving at a fast pace.

Now the only thing to do is change feeling into actual wins and everyone can be happy.