Here are the 10 worst performances of the week so far. We start, as we likely will many times this season, with the Jaguars.

Failing to score on offense is always bad. Failing to score on offense against a defense of Kanas City’s caliber is just atrocious. In 2012, the Chiefs finished 27th in Bendability, 30th in Defensive Real Passing Yards Per Attempt, 29th in Defensive Hog Index and last in Real Defensive Quarterback Rating and Defensive Passer Rating.

In short, Kansas City’s defense sucked last year, but they looked like the 1985 Bears against the Jaguars.

Jacksonville's ineptitude is accentuated when you look inside the numbers. The Jaguars' Scoreability was rated at 89.00. The next worst team was at 34.71. They averaged 2.28 Real Passing Yards per Attempt, almost two yards less than the next worst team. They also finished last in Real Quarterback Rating and Offensive Passer Rating.

Blaine Gabbert looked worse than ever - Chad Henne might as well be Jacksonville's starter now. 

It’s games like this that make you question why we even have 32 teams. Contraction is usually brought up in conversations about struggling leagues, which the NFL is not, but would anyone really notice or care if Jacksonville went away? I know the fans wouldn’t. (Having said that, the Jaguars won a playoff game in 2007, meaning they have won more postseason games since 2001 than the Dolphins.)

One last jab: the Jaguars didn't cross the 50-yard line until the fourth quarter. 

Here are some of the other poor performances this week

2. Baltimore's Pass Defense - What do the Ravens do in their first game of their second title defense? Just give up seven touchdown passes.

Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Ray Lewis, Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe are all gone, and it showed on Thursday night. Baltimore is currently ranked last in Defensive Passer Rating, Defensive Real Passing Yards per Attempt and Defensive Real Quarterback Rating. The Ravens are currently sandwiched between Cleveland and Jacksonville in Bendability.

3. Pittsburgh's Offense - The Steelers looked so bad Sunday I was afraid what Ben Roethlisberger might have done to his offensive teammates if he ran into one at a Georgia night club. Center Maurkice Pouncey, who publicly wanted to free Aaron Hernandez this summer, should probably adjust his goals to something more manageable, like walking. Pouncey was carted off with a season-ending injury.

The Pro-Bowler blew out his knee, which obviously hurt Pittsburgh's offensive effort, but that’s no excuse for not showing up on any offensive series until the end of the game. This is a Titans team that gave up 471 points last year, and the Steelers could only muster one late-game score.

4. New York Giants became a turnover machine - The Giants continue to be the most confusing team in football. They find weird ways to look good (like their beatdown in San Fran last year) and even weirder ways to look bad. They may have outdone themselves on Sunday to the tune of six turnovers.

New York had never lost to the Cowboys in their new Dallas stadium, but that streak came to an end after Eli threw pick after pick and David Wilson - who struggled last season holding onto the football against the Cowboys - coughed it up twice. Because the Giants kept giving the Cowboys short fields and even allowed them to score on defense, New York's Bendability was ranked last in the league on Sunday.

5. Green Bay defense - Note to the Packer defensive backs: Anquan Boldin is effing good! Boldin had 13 catches for 208 yards and a touchdown, and is the first player in history to gain at least 100 yards receiving with three different teams in his debut with said teams. 

Colin Kapernick has torched Green Bay before. Last season in the playoffs, it happened primarily on the ground. Kaepernick threw for 412 yards and three touchdowns in one of the more impressive aerial attacks of the day. Green Bay's defensive performance earned the second worst of Week One in the category of Defensive Real Quarterback Rating.

6. Carolina offense - There's a reason Seattle ranked high in most defensive stats, including second in Bendability. Cam Newton has to do a better job getting his team in the end zone.

7. Cleveland's passing attack - I watched every snap of the Dolphins/Browns game (I know, I'm crazy) and the only reason the Dolphins were even alive in the first half was Brandon Weeden's ineptitude. He threw three interceptions and allowed an equally offensively challenged Dolphins team to stay in control. Cleveland finished second to last in Offensive Passer Rating, only ahead of Jacksonville.

8. Miami running game - Did you feel good when you reached for Lamar Miller in the fourth round of your fantasy draft last month? How are you feeling now? You probably wondered if he was even playing until you saw he had 10 carries for a whopping three yards.

9. New England's offensive line - The Pats won ugly, which is never a bad thing on the road, but the hogs up front need to do a better job. They finished last in Offensive Hog Index on Sunday, which based on last year's numbers (10 of 11 worst finishers in OHI missed the playoffs) is not a good sign.

10. Atlanta's pass defense - The Falcons finished 10th and fifth, respectively, in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and Defensive Passer Rating last year. On Sunday, they lost to a rejuvenated Saints team and made Drew Brees look like Drew Brees again. Atlanta is hovering around the bottom of the league in both statistical categories.