The Green Bay Packers, who are coming off a 20-10 victory against the St. Louis Rams, will not have much trouble against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars, who lost Maurice Jones-Drew to injury in the first quarter of last week's loss against the Oakland Raiders, are in a difficult place right now. Quarterback Blaine Gabbert was also injured during the game, but he is likely to start against the Packers.

We'll see how the game turns out on Sunday, but for now, here are my three bold predictions:

1. The Jacksonville Jaguars Will Score Three Points or Less

I believe that this game will not be close, at all. Without Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars offense is very dry and slow.

Sure, Rashad Jennings was a good replacement last week against the Oakland Raiders, but that was the Oakland Raiders, one of the most scrutinized teams in the entire league. Now, we're talking about the Green Bay Packers, a team that is as elite as they come.

Blaine Gabbert is expected to be back from his injury he suffered last week, but I think the Packers' defense will rattle Gabbert and make him very uncomfortable in the pocket, just like they do to almost every quarterback they face. I think the Jacksonville Jaguars will maybe get a field goal against Green Bay, and if they do, that will be their only points of the game. I'm leaning more towards the shutout here, but you never know.

2. Aaron Rodgers Will Throw For Over 500 Yards

Remember when Aaron Rodgers threw for six touchdowns and zero interceptions against the Houston Texans? In a 42-24 blowout victory? Yeah, that was pretty special. Several analysts will rank Houston as the top team in the NFL, as well as the top defense in the league.

And what did Aaron Rodgers do to them? He picked them apart in every way possible, and dismantled them on the national spotlight. Now, with Rodgers playing a much worse defense, I believe that he will explode for another huge game, just like he did a few weeks ago. The Jacksonville Jaguars don't even know what's coming (well, unless they read this article).

3. The Green Bay Packers Will Force At Least Three Turnovers

With a defense that is so loaded, and so talented, the Green Bay Packers are capable of, well, anything. With Clay Matthews leading the pass rush, the Packers sack and hit every quarterback they play. A lot. And with a young and inexperienced Blaine Gabbert going against such an elite defense, I don't see him having much success, especially because his receivers will be covered by guys like Tramon Williams and Sam Shields (he's lucky that Charles Woodson is injured).

And with no Maurice Jones-Drew, you never know what you're going to get from your back-up running back. So my prediction is that the Green Bay Packers will force the Jacksonville Jaguars into at least three turnovers, whether it be interceptions, fumbles, whatever. They will get it done.