Chad HenneThe Jacksonville Jaguars will soon begin talks and potential contract negotiations with Chad Henne in an attempt to keep the team’s starter and bring in a rookie (or two) to develop as the future of the franchise.

Henne, who has been rumored to be open to returning to the team that he helped win four games in the second half of the season,  could also be a “wanted” commodity in the open market.

The Jaguars are still hoping Henne will re-sign and their plan for the future will remain on course.

If the Jaguars lose Henne in free agency, would they be willing to entertain a trade for one of the potential quarterbacks who may be available – if the price is right?

There are also plenty of free agents who may be on the team’s radar – should they want to bring someone else in to compete for a starting job.

Here are four quarterbacks that might be wearing black and teal in 2014.

Chad Henne

I still put him in the driver’s seat here. Henne is a decent passer who, with all his weapons in place, can throw for 300 yards and touchdown or two per game. Henne needs to keep his throws over defensive linemen and look to second and third options, but right now he gives the Jaguars the best chance to win.

Kirk Cousins

According to Chris Mortensen, the Cleveland Browns' new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan loves Cousins and worked with him in Washington. Cousins played the final three games for the Redskins last season and is familiar with Shanahan’s offense. This move, plus the signing of a running back (Ben Tate) could turn this entire franchise around.

Josh McCown

The irony is Josh’s brother Luke played in Jacksonville two years ago, was named the starter and threw four interceptions in the second game of season against the Jets and thus we got the beginning of Blaine Gabbert’s career. McCown proved he was better than Jay Cutler at times. He could prove to be a solid quarterback in Jedd Fisch’s offense.

Michael Vick

He will wind up in Oakland where his star will shine brightly. Vick must be able to stand in the pocket more and find receivers on the run, not run and find the receivers on the fly. Vick is only 33 years old, but has been in the league forever. If he does not sign in Oakland, Jacksonville and Cleveland could bid for him.