Rome wasn’t built in a day. Bill Walsh did not build the San Francisco 49ers championship teams in one season. Bill Belichick did not create a juggernaut in New England in his first season in Boston.

If any of what you are reading makes sense (sometimes, I wonder myself), then take these three examples as gospel when it comes to the building of the “new” Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. This is not a building process to be taken lightly. And for the fans who wanted the new management of David Caldwell and the new head coach, Gus Bradley, to work magic overnight, they will sadly be disappointed. This team just released 13 veterans and will need to rebuild a secondary, defensive line, offensive line and provide depth at almost every position.

No, this is not Bill Parcells in his finest hour, but Caldwell said he had a “blueprint” to follow and as fans, we should allow him to prove to us that it works before we subject him to a long walk off a short plank.

When Caldwell announced this team would not be huge players in the free agency game, meaning he and team owner Shad Khan would not be shelling out huge sums of cash to high-priced free agents, red flags were raised all over Jacksonville. Fans called in to sports talk radio programs and voiced their displeasure and called for his resignation, etc., etc. Some radio hosts on 1010XL here in Jacksonville even broached the topic of whether fans trust Caldwell and the Kool Aid he is sipping.

Fact of the matter is, we have to give the man a chance and see what he comes up with. The Jaguars haven’t been a good team since Fred Taylor was running over people and Mark Brunell was throwing passes to Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell.

The fact we are not signing players like Wes Welker, Nnamdi Asomugha and Andy Levitre to huge mega deals means this is a team that will sign mid range free agents to contracts and build through the draft. If anyone remembers, it is the same plan that Tom Coughlin came up with when he was head coach and general manager of this team until spending became dire and salary cap woes hit this team.

Caldwell, I believe, has it well under control. The winning process takes time. The writing is on the walls at EverBank Field. You can sense a new climate around the stadium. There is more spring in everyone’s step. It’s time to form amnesia and realize this is a franchise that is three seasons away from truly competing for a playoff spot. The coaching staff must allow Blaine Gabbert one last chance. And the defense had better play lights out under Bradley.

In other words, we all must get on the bus and “Do Our Job.”

Of the successful coaches named in this article, the one other thing they have in common is winning. Winning cures everything. It isn’t in an instant and it surely does come without effort. The Jaguars must learn this-- front office, coaching staff and team roster. If it is not learned and committed to memory, then the lessons of the past cannot be cured. Losing will continue, which is something this franchise and its fans want to avoid.