Blaine GabbertThe Jaguars have had two big problems over the last few seasons, starting quarterback and putting people in the seats. 

The Jaguars' attendance has been horrible and the quarterback play even worse.

They had a chance to attain a quarterback that made the playoffs last season and is arguably the most popular athlete in the history of the state of Florida. 

Unfortunately, the Jaguars decided against offering more than the New York Jets and lost out on Tim Tebow. 

That means the Jaguars are giving the reigns to Gabbert again and without Maurice Jones-Drew, due to holdout (as of this article), the attendance at EverBank Field could be embarrassing.  

This all creates the significance of a Week 14 game between the Jags and the Jets. Tebow, who lived in Jacksonville, will be returning home, and in this humble writer's opinion, starting against Jacksonville on the team he supposedly chose.

Tebow will not be the only storyline in Week 14, by then we should know if Gabbert is the quarterback of the future in Jacksonville. 

If not and the Jags are stumbling, the rumors will begin to swirl about any number of things. Can they still get Tebow? What free agents will be available? And most importantly -- are the Jaguars moving to London?

By time Tebow and the Jets have left Jacksonville we should have a clearer picture of what truly lies ahead for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If nothing else, the game should cause a lot of Jacksonville Jaguars fans to secretly root for the opposition.