Dee MillinerWhile it sounds odd, the Jacksonville Jaguars have to be feeling pretty good about how things will stack up tonight in New York.

Back in Jacksonville, there is a buzz about the city. The team has new uniforms (I am still trying to decide if I like them or not).

The general manager, head coach and team owner all know who the first pick will be (please let it be Eric Fisher from Central Michigan).

And of course, there is Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Bill Polian to all criticize everything the team does over the next three nights.

I’d say this is one hell of a weekend.

Oddly enough, I feel a calm over the NFL waters right now. The Jaguars cannot mess this pick up unless Johnny Utah or Shane Falco stand behind center in September.

A tackle, a defensive end, a defensive tackle or a cornerback. Four great choices, four areas of need. Four reasons we all should be JAGUARS STRONG this evening.

Oh, how I wish to be in New York tonight amid the balcony crazies.

If the Jaguars want to make the “sexy” pick, then they take Dion Jordan. If they want to make the “career” pick, then Fisher is the selection. Sharrif Floyd of Florida is the “safe” pick. Dee Milliner is the “need” pick.

All can help this team. All are immediate starters. All will be praised and criticized by the area media and the local fan base.

But it is still a “Win-Win” situation.

Here in Jacksonville, we have not had many things to be excited about. A new coach last season in Mike Mularkey yielded nothing.

A second-year quarterback who may have regressed and got injured yielded nothing. The reigning NFL rusher was injured and missed six game after he missed all of training camp yielded nothing.

It’s time to break the trend. And it starts tonight.

The Jaguars are on the clock. They should use the time wisely.