Friday and Saturday are still a little less than a week away. And for those of us who cannot waiti for NFL training camp to open, we are finding odds and ends to keep us busy, doing odd jobs, repairing things in the house and completing those "Honey Do" lists.

Next weekend is our time. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the other 31 teams in the NFL have been waiting for this time. The heat and humidity, the pads and helmets, the spectacular play by rookie unknowns trying to earn a spot on the roster.

For the coaches, players and management, it is a time to be joyous, mainly because the team is still undefeated, which to many a Jaguars fan, is something we have not been able to say in some time.

Yes, there is excitement in the air like no other time in the history of this franchise. And maybe it is safe to say, it is great to be a Jacksonville Jaguar.

With the opening of camp comes the questions and scrutiny of how this season will play out. And in the end, players must deliver and show they can lead. These are the five most important players of this year's training camp in Jacksonville.