Realistically, there are more than five questions that need to be answered by the Jacksonville Jaguars in this offseason, but we will stick to the rules and only stick to five.

After giving us fans and the local and national media something to think about in the offseason after turning in a 4-4 record in the second half of 2013, could the Jaguars win two or three more games and look like possible playoff contenders in 2015? It's a question to be answered in 2015, not now. But it gives us all hope.

When this team went into their bye week at 0-8, we all thought a 0-16 record was possible and yes - some fans were rooting for it. But we all know that is not Gus Bradley's style. This is a team on the move. Upward, that is.

Here are the five biggest questions for this team in the offseason.