Two seasons ago, the Jaguars thought they had a pretty good group of wide receivers. Cecil Shorts was a nice pick up in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. The team signed Laurent Robinson to a hefty free agent contract and Mike Mularkey and Gene Smith made Justin Blackmon their first pick in the 2012 Draft.

If the quarterback play, which was thought to be better in Blaine Gabbert's second season, picked up, then the offense (which included Maurice Jones-Drew and Marcedes Lewis) should have been better.

Somehow, a 2-14 season did not equate to better and the Jaguars faced their worst season ever as a franchise. Things, however, were to get better.

Free agency has not been as kind to the Jaguars as it has been to other NFL teams. No matter what positiion, it would appear the free agent gods have a things or two out for this franchise, resulting in terrible signings (Hugh Douglas, Jerry Porter, Dana Hall) and poor contract mismanagement.

This season, the Jaguars have over $55 million in cap space and need to have what David Caldwell calls a "modest" free agent pool of talent and another solid draft. Here are the top five players the Jaguars should target in March.