I know when this article is read, it may leave some of us scratching heads, asking, “Does he really think the Jaguars can beat the Seahawks?”

I don’t think the Jaguars will win, but I do think there is a chance they can make things a bit exciting in Seattle. This might not be the runaway game everyone thinks it is. I have a feeling at some point, when the Seahawks have the game comfortably won, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll will call off the dogs and things will slow down some.

Call it a hunch, call it weird, call it (or me) crazy. Call it what you will, but that is just an observation on my part. I also think the Jaguars (because we are all betting against them this week when most of us down here in the south were betting for them) could be superhuman and pull of an upset, just because it is the laws of the NFL.

OK, I am officially calling my shrink now and scheduling an appointment.

In the interest of being fair where the NFL is supposed to be a league of .500 teams, some fall to 4-12 and others rise above to 12-4, here are four things the Jaguars need to improve on with a chance of “maybe” winning the game.

More clock management

The Jaguars will need to find a way to score on their first drive and second drive and…

Points against the Seattle are paramount and when the opportunity arises, Chad Henne and the offense must put them on the board.

The idea of three-and-out is not something that should be in the Jaguars playbook, or vocabulary this weekend.

Contain Russell Wilson

The best dual threat in the NFL will cause all kinds of issues for the Jaguars. But if the Jaguars can keep him in the pocket (yeah, right) and hold him to one type of offensive threat, they have a chance to get him off the field quicker.

Head coach Gus Bradley said Wilson’s greatest asset and biggest challenge to his team is that his athleticism extends plays for the Seahawks.

More defensive pressure

The Jaguars have only been rushing four players most of the time they attempt a pass rush.

They need to take more chances up the middle and use their defensive tackles Sen’Derrick Marks and Roy Miller, to penetrate the offensive line. The Jaguars had one sack in the first game of the season and three in the second. Maybe the third game is the charm.

Run with authority

Maurice Jones-Drew, if he is cleared to play, which it looks like he will be, needs to show he can run to the endzone and run with authority.

It looked like he was starting to hit a groove when he went down with the tendon sprain he suffered against Oakland.

I think Henne is serviceable and I also think he makes the passing game better. If MJD is running and move the chains, that can only help the offense and Henne. This team really needs to have the running game and the passing game equally so there can be “chance” of keeping this game close.