JaguarsSometimes, listening to fans and friends gives you a better perspective of the football team you cover on a daily basis.

After watching the Jaguars in their preseason debut against the Miami Dolphins, I was keenly aware of the issues that still plagued this team. My friends and fans around me at the game just confirmed them for me.

The rookies looked solid. The defensive line looked improved and the return game of Ace Sanders is just what this team needs. But the glaring issue with this franchise remains the play at quarterback.

I, like everyone else, thought the reps shared by Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne would prove to be a new chapter in this this organization’s commitment to winning. All it did was leave me thinking this was 2011 all over again.

You cannot win with Gabbert or Henne behind center and you cannot win with a sputtering offense.

I am aware nine players did not take the field Friday night and I am aware of the fact our two top receivers and two top running backs remained on the sidelines. But I guess I expected more.

Now, this team needs a shot of novocaine to forget the issues of Friday night. There needs to be more intensity from both Gabbert and Henne. There needs to be more zip on the ball. Cecil Shorts needs to play and show he isn’t hobbled by his calf injury. The line needs to be sound and the first game for Maurice Jones-Drew needs to be flawless.

It sounds like a lot to accomplish, but if 31 other teams can do this, then why not the Jaguars? We expect Kansas City to be much better this season despite a 2-14 record. Why can’t it happen for the Jaguars as well?

But nothing happens unless the quarterback play gets better.

Gus Bradley has not tipped his hand about playing the Jets and his plans for the men behind center. I assume nothing will be decided until after practice on Thursday.

But something does tell me Henne will be under center to start and this charade will continue. And while it does, my friends and the fans of this franchise will continue to questione everything.

But that is to be expected when everything that was supposed to work looked like it would, if not for the man calling the signals to victory for this franchise.