Blaine GabbertAs if it were a scene out of a movie, the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to hitch their 2013 season to the arm of Blaine Gabbert and see what happens.

In other words, it could be an even longer season than it has already been.

The mood around this town has now changed to the acceptance of 2013 being a rebuilding plan and 2014 being the year of renewed optimism and a chance to prove this is an NFL franchise that belongs amongst its other 31 fraternity brothers.

It’s a shame that teams like the Jaguars, Browns and Buccaneers appear to have already given up on this year, as if the work and the practice and the plans mean little.

Building culture, uniformity and consistency is one thing, but that should be accomplished in training camp and the preseason. If 31 other teams can do that, then why cannot this franchise in north Florida? It almost seems like we are continuously handcuffed from the start.

The consensus around here is that Gabbert is not the answer with the fans, but money and the fact there are no other options dictate Gus Bradley and Jedd Fisch play him for the remainder of the season.

When everything is settled and the Jaguars return from the holidays, there will be changes. Expect both Gabbert and Henne to be gone. In their place could be Teddy Bridgewater and another quarterback the team brings in through free agency or trade.

The Jaguars would be smart to inquire about Josh Freeman and see if a fourth round pick would be sufficient to bring him up the road from Tampa Bay. The Jaguars gave Philadelphia a fourth round pick this year that turned out to be Matt Barkley. The Jags will need a veteran on the roster to compete with a rookie when they draft one, whomever it may be.

Drafting Jadeveon Clowney with their first pick and then taking a shot at David Fales of San Jose State or Derek Carr of Fresno State or even Stephen Morris of Miami could be a better bet than hitching your wagon to Bridgewater without a net to fall back on.

Also, there will be other quarterbacks to possibly choose from since it looks like Mark Sanchez, Jason Campbell and Kevin Kolb could all be looking for work in 2014.

The Jaguars may not have options in 2013, but they will in 2014. It’s a season too late and while most of 2013 is already forgotten before it took place, the rebuilding will still make this franchise better in three seasons.

The fans may not be that patient. Maybe the organization should have planned from the top down than from the bottom up.