After two pectoral muscle injuries in consecutive years, many were ready to give up on linebacker D’Qwell Jackson. This wasn’t a consequence of Jackson not being a good player; in fact, when on the field, he was a playmaker! The problem was keeping him on the field, due to injuries that continued to drag him down.  Fortunately, this year, things have been different.

Jackson is currently among the leading tacklers in the league. He has been a leader playing defense, and most importantly, has stayed healthy.  Maybe this is all in view of the fact that Jackson is in a contract year and needs to outperform all competition in order to receive a big pay day. Still, nevertheless, Jackson has been impressive this season. Which leads to the all-important question, will the Browns sign D’Qwell to a long-term deal?

Reports have said that both the Browns and Jackson’s agent would like to give D’Qwell a long-term deal in Cleveland. In fact, both sides seem to think it’s probable. Obviously it would be huge for the Browns to resign him; however, the Browns do need to be aware of his injury history. It’s not hard to believe that any contract Jackson would receive would be heavy on incentives. As good as he has been, it’s hard to envision the Browns, or any other team for that matter, giving Jackson lots of guaranteed money. 

Bringing in Jackson does not address all the questions about the linebacker position. Certainly having both Jackson and Gocong starting is a good thing; but there is still one other linebacker slot that must be addressed, Fujita. It remains to be seen if Scott Fujita will be back next season. He certainly is a long-term solution for the position on the Browns, but the Browns are still mum regarding the situation with their third linebacker. It's possible that Jackson could be moved to play outside linebacker, allowing Titus Brown to move into a starting role, or the Browns could even draft a linebacker like Luke Kuechly to play middle linebacker. There are plenty of scenarios out there for us to ponder, and most of them rely on resigning D’Qwell Jackson. Luckily, from the looks of things right now, it seems like D'Qwell Jackson will be a Cleveland Brown for years to come.