The Seattle Seahawks made history Monday night when Russell Wilson tossed the first game winning interception of his career. An incompetent referee is the only honest person in America who did not see the truth. The crime is highlighted by the fact that another of the Halloween refs actually made the correct call at the same time.

It gets worse when you consider that was the third very bad call of the final drive that enabled the Seahawks to win this game.

It is true that these dollar store game judges made mistakes throughout the game in favor of the Packers as well. The problem is that in the end they did not even out.

Die hard fans across the country have taken to social media and vowed to take a break from football until the professional referees return.

That is a fair reaction in my opinion.

The greedy people associated with the NFL have in fact robbed the fans of way too much.

One small example is the fact that some really good football was wasted and some very good coaching will never be noticed on a large scale.

The first half featured a ridiculously stout performance by the Seattle defense. The scheme and the players made the vaunted Packers offense look feeble. They did this with eight first half sacks and a secondary that played as well and as physical as I have ever seen.

Packers' coach Mike McCarthy proved to be the offensive genius he is rumored to be. The adjustments he made at halftime completely changed the game. The coaches and the players did what they needed to do to win the game, and were robbed.

No ski masks necessary.

The replacement refs are in a tough spot. The pressure on them is unreasonable and it will only get worse.

The leaders of the NFL should be terrible embarrassed. With the statement they released today supporting the decision that the mock referees made, it seems they are not.

What a shame!