In the latest episode of “Football Nation Today,” Alex breaks down the latest news around the NFL:

1st Down: Teams are beginning to make alterations to their rosters, with several players getting released and franchised over the past couple of days.  Alex discusses two of the bigger stories of the offseason: The statuses of Wes Welker and Darrelle Revis. 

Alex says those who are eager for the Patriots to move on from Welker are taking his historic production for granted.  It is not a given the Patriots will be able to replace Welker, given the fact that they haven’t developed a wide receiver for 10 years.

Revis feels disrespected by the Jets, and though Alex can understand why he may feel that way, that is all the more reason for the Jets to trade him.  Revis would warrant a massive return, and he is more valuable to other teams than he is to the Jets.  If the Jets don’t trade Revis, it is a sign Woody Johnson isn’t concerned with building a competitive football team.

2nd Down: Forbes Magazine reports Roger Goodell made close to $25 million last season.  Alex asks if Goodell has earned that salary, and if he is a good commissioner.

He is a great commissioner for the owners, Alex says, but that doesn’t mean he’s been a good commissioner for the league.

3rd Down: In the “Big Up or Slow Down” segment, Alex debates whether Manti Te’o’s hoax will affect his draft status, if there is a way for the NFL to fix the pass interference penalty and if Jay Cutler is a good quarterback.

4th Down: In this week’s “Reimer Rant,” Alex talks about another NFL player who brought a gun where he shouldn’t have brought it.  When will the league make a serious effort to stop these kinds of transgressions, and stop worrying about disciplining guys for wearing their socks incorrectly?

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