Is Kyle Orton A Threat To Tony Romo?

By Brian Moore
March 27, 2012 11:40 pm
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Tony Romo is one of the most well-known and respected quarterbacks in the NFL.  Over the past seven years, he has played in three Pro Bowls, broken ten Dallas Cowboy team records (including one of his own), and landed the #2 All-Time NFL Career Passer Rating and the #4 All-Time Yards Per Attempt.  He’s also led the Cowboys to the playoffs twice.  Unfortunately, he’s also developed a reputation for choking under pressure.  No quarterback is a stranger to criticism, but Romo seems to get more of it than most other franchise QBs.

His frequent injuries don’t help.  Since 2008, Romo has broken his pinky on his throwing hand, broken his left clavicle, and injured his ribs twice.  His glass frame has cost the Cowboys more than a few games over the years, and has exposed their glaring need for an adequate backup.
Enter Kyle Orton.
A pro in his own right, Orton has had experience as both a starter and a backup.  And, like Romo, has had his share of good and bad seasons.  While not as flashy or popular as Romo, Orton is a solid quarterback who has plenty of experience under his belt to keep the wheels moving on Dallas’s offense if/when Romo gets injured.
But you’re not reading this article to hear about Orton’s potential as a backup.  You’re reading to hear about his potential as Romo’s replacement.  So, let’s get down to it.  Can Kyle Orton challenge Tony Romo’s status as starting quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys?
I say definitely.
While Romo’s constant presence as the Cowboys’ quarterback provides the team with stability and the fans with familiarity, his inconsistencies can’t be ignored.  His glass body doesn’t help, either.  The one thing you can count on Romo to do is get hurt.  Every season seems to bring more broken bones, and one has to wonder how long it can go on before his durability starts to wear thing (if it hasn’t already).
Orton has been on three other teams over the past six years, and has shown that he has a durable mindset and learns quickly.  His time as a backup has also shown that he is more than capable of stepping up when he is needed and becoming a leader.  (Just ask the Packers.)  Plus, Orton is no stranger to competing for the top job.
Depending on how one interprets some of his more recent comments on Romo, Jerry Jones’s commitment to Number 9 seems to be flimsier than it once was.  I could totally see Garrett (and Puppet Master Jones) putting Romo on IR with a stubbed toe just to see if Orton could do any better.  If he does, Romo can kiss his starting job goodbye.  Then again, I was 2-5 on my postseason predictions.

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By Brian Moore
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3 years ago
Who ever wrote this blog is a complete idiot. Romo's inconsistencies?? Are you kidding me? Forget about Eli's 22 interceptions and how he plays like crap through most of the season, lets talk about Romo's inconsistencies, instead...And Orton, or any other QB, wouldn't have been very durable playing for the Cowboys of old, ether. I say Cowboys of old, because I'm hoping they will get their shit together this year. Anway, the person who wrote this blog needs to be slapped.
3 years ago

Hate to burst your bubble Ric, but Romo has been pretty inconsistent and has a knack to throw INTs at crucial times during the game. Throw in his inability to stay healthy and you got yourself a QB you cant rely on to get you through a full season with out either getting hurt or melting down mentally. Eli is a gamer. He stays healthy, plays hurt, and is at the top of his game when its the 4th quarter and the game is on the line. He dont melt down like Romo does. If I remember correct one of the best QB's of all time (Favre) has the record for most INT's thrown all time. So far Id say you are winning the idiot contest. Cheers!
3 years ago

WOW. Love a good comments battle. But don't see the need to attack the author of the article. He's expressing his opinion, best part of Football Nation is you can do the exact same thing explaining why Romo has NOTHING to worry about with Kyle Orton. Use this link to apply to become a writer:
3 years ago

I think we forgot here that a quarterback getting hurt is not his fault. It seems like you are saying Romo is a bad football player because his o-line failed to protect him. This off season Dallas made some moves to improve the front line and we should expect to see more improvements in the NFL Draft. And when it comes to interceptions...interceptions are interceptions. It does not matter what quarter the game is in, an interception is giving the opposing team the ball and them a chance to score the ball. (Eli can thank the defense for that). Tony Romo does just as much for his team to help them win football games. There are other areas in the Cowboys that need to be addressed. I am surprised that this topic of Orton taking Romo's starting position has been discussed. There is no way Orton can take steal the starting position, there is no debate about this. If anything, Romo will feel more comfortable knowing he has an experienced quarterback behind him.
3 years ago
This is a really dumb article. Not a chance.
3 years ago
Romo has nothing to worry about yea he has a knack to mess up at the wrong time but look at his stats...

He has very bad luck but he beats Orton in my book.

If you were a Jets,Rams,Redskins,49ers,Falcons,Browns,Ravens,Mia,Cards, Seahawks or many other teams you would wish you had Romo LOL.
3 years ago
With all that has happened with the boys, one thing that is true, and that is Tony Romo will be Tony Romo. By that I mean when he is at his best he is the man, but when he is at his worse, we are guaranteed defeat. I have been a fan since infancy and know that Romo has played his best football and don't expect much to change next season (offensve line change or not). Seems everyone makes excuses for Romo, but the proof is in the puddin. I hoped and prayed we could take the NFC east this past year, but to many misses by inches, and that is all it takes to end your season. I say it's good to have someone like Orton as a back up, but to be honest, I would like to see a change all together, because I am tired of retiring my jerseys early every year. With the combination of Jason Garrett and Tony Romo, I don't see much changing, other than Wade Phillips basking in the glory of the playoffs with the Texans (so I guess he wasn't the problem after all huh fans?)
3 years ago
Tony Romo > Kyle Orton. Today, tommorrow, and forever.
3 years ago
kyle isnt the kind of qb who will threaten a starting qb for the starting job ( at least not since he was with the bears )the thing i find most disrespectfull is when kyle gets to start or has been given the starting position there have been sportswriters / so called fans that say he cant bark with the big dogs? We all know by now that isnt true since kyle was the only qb to beat AND out throw Aaron rodgers in 2011 reg. season. If thats not ready to start,i dont know what is ! kyle will wait and support the cowboys but when its time I expect all the support he deserves. GO COWBOYS

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