Alex SmithThe Kansas City Chiefs have made a lot of noise this offseason and have brought confidence to their fans.

To add to the hype, Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson went on to say that Alex Smith is the best quarterback in the NFL. That brings us to the topic, is Alex Smith the best QB in the NFL?

No, no he is not the best.

It is one thing to instill confidence in your own quarterback and fanbase, but calling Smith the best QB in the NFL is beyond ridiculous.

There is absolutely no way he is even the top five, let alone the best. You're telling me that Alex Smith is better then Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers and Ryan? Those are just a few I listed off the top of my head, and I highly doubt that many other people will think he belongs in that group.

No, I'm not saying he is a terrible quarterback, in fact he has probably improved more than any other QB in the NFL in the last seven years. He is a worthy starter in the NFL, but his skillset does not match those that have lead their teams to the playoffs each year.

When it comes to his stat line, Smith has put up some good numbers in his last two seasons but he has yet to reach the elite level. The thing Smith does have though is an incredible ability to continue learning and making himself better. He has had to endure numerous coaching changes, along with learning different systems.

Smith has the ability to become an elite level quarterback, but that will come with time. He has a lot to prove and achieve before he can be discussed as the best. It is great that the Chiefs are showing confidence in their main man, but I think they went over the top with that statement.