Future Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Terrell Owens now has little hope of a return to the NFL after his latest departure from an indoor football league team. The Allen Wranglers released Owens because of “lack of effort both on and off the field.”

The Wranglers have an important away game this weekend, and Owens refused to suit up for the road game. In Owens’ original contract, there was supposedly an agreement that he would not play in every road game. It is, however, unclear whether the contract specifies which away games or if Owens gets to choose according to Yahoo Sports.

The Wranglers have a record of 6-5 and are chasing a playoff spot. Owens will lose his partial ownership with the franchise due to his release.

In addition to refusing to play, Owens was a no-show for a team scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital. His no-show angered the Allen Wranglers’ organization as many fans at the hospital were disappointed the team’s most famous player missed the appearance.

Things could only get worse for T.O. as he is hurting financially. He may not have been making a lot of money in the indoor league, but Owens could have proved to NFL teams he had his act together and sign on for another season. It now seems unlikely any team will take the risk in signing him.