I had the chance to interview former New York Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet. Before getting to the Q&A, here are a bunch of his career achievements and notable stats (stats courtesy of waynechrebet80.com):

 - 2nd in New York Jets History with 580 Receptions.

 - 5th in New York Jets History with 7,365 Yards from scrimmage.

 - Third most receptions in NFL History from players who were not drafted.

 - Finished his career with 580 Receptions, 7,365 Receiving Yards, and 41 Touchdowns

Nick Barlotta: Who are you favorite receivers currently in the NFL? and who most resembles yourself?

Wayne Chrebet: I think Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson are the best. Reggie Wayne keeps going. Miles Austin is a very exciting player. I enjoying watching Welker. He reminds me most of myself.

Nick Barlotta: Knowing your past issues with concussions, how do you feel the NFL has done regarding concussion safety?

Wayne Chrebet: I think they've done a lot but there's more to be done.

Nick Barlotta: Do you think the Jets are headed in the right direction?

Wayne Chrebet: I think so. Tough to see without seeing the finished product. They've lost some important players. Brought in some young talent that can hopefully step in. They've cleared up a ton of cap space off the salary cap so that sets up nice for 2014. Need a QB to step up and put the pieces around him. I think Rex has the D set up nice.

Nick Barlotta: How did you feel when the Jets brought Tim Tebow in last season?

Wayne Chrebet: I liked the Tebow signing. It's a shame it didn't work out. Hope the kid lands back on his feet

Nick Barlotta: How is your relationship with the Jets organization as of now?

Wayne Chrebet: My relationship with the Jets is good. They've always taken great care of my family and I. I do what I can to stay involved.

Nick Barlotta: What is your feeling on current and former NFL players using twitter?

Wayne Chrebet: Social media is very interesting to me. It has taken player exposure to the fans to a very high level. I think it's great to tweet back and forth with a fan. I would have been thrilled to do that as a kid.


I'd like to thank Wayne for spending the time to talk with Football Nation.  Some takeaways from the interview:

I think the comparison he had between him and Wes Welker was spot on. Wes Welker plays the game across the middle for the most part just like Wayne did. Both were over-achievers that had a special connection with their fanbases.

Wayne has said that he embraces twitter because of the ability to communicate with fans. To ask him questions or just to stay in tact with Wayne follow him on twitter @waynechrebet

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