Hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ interview the biggest names in sports media and pop culture each week on Football Nation's The Sports-Casters podcast.

Their guest this week is Greg Cosell, senior producer and long-time veteran of NFL Films. Cosell joins the guys to chat about the history of NFL Films and the great things to come for the legendary sports production company. Cosell:


  • Tells us that NFL Films is producing 13 more episodes of the popular "Football Life" documentary series
  • Talks about the evolution of the NFL Matchup Program
  • Ponders why coaches' "all 22" tape is unavailable to the public in this age of information
  • Discusses his job interview with NFL Films founder Ed Sabol back in 1979
  • Says everyone at NFL Films was touched by Sabol's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Dives into the debates he had with Ron Jaworski about what to include in their book, "The Games that Changed the Game."

Steve and Don kick off each podcast with "3 Things" but manage to tackle so much more. In this week's segment they discuss the passing of Junior Seau; the issue of CTE in the NFL; major injuries around the NFL; the trademarking of "RGIII;" Chris Carter's announcement that he placed a bounty on Bill Romanowksi; DeAngelo Williams' incredible average per rush attempt; and the sad end of the Antonio Cromartie era on Twitter. 

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