The Jacksonville Jaguars have beaten the Indianapolis Colts in their last three meetings.  This year in week three the Jaguars beat the Colts 22-17 in overtime.  The game was in Lucas Oil Stadium. 

This is a home game for the Jaguars.  The Jaguars are horrendous at home. 

The Carolina Panthers are the only home team to lose a game in this year's Thursday Night games.  Can it happen again?  Here are three bold predictions.

1. Rashad Jennings will rush for over 100 yards

In the week three meeting Maurice Jones-Drew rushed for 177 yards against the Colts.  At this meeting Jones-Drew is sidelined with a foot injury. 

Thursday against the Colts Jennings will rush for over 100 yards.  He will not surpass Jones-Drew output of 177 yards.  Jennings will rush for 125 yards and one touchdown. 

2. The Colts will not need overtime to win the game

The last game was the only win for the Jaguars.  This game will be over for the Jaguars by halftime.  The Jaguars are notoriously bad at home.  They are in a spiral they cannot get out of.  Unfortunately, for the Jaguars home is not sweet. 

The Colts are in the playoff hunt.  They are also playing for their sick coach.  The Colts will blow past the Jaguars. 

3. Andrew Luck will surpass his last week stats

Last week against the Miami Dolphins, Luck threw for a rookie high 428 yards.  Against the Jaguars Luck will throw for over 450 yards.  He will pass for three touchdowns and run for one touchdown.

Unfortunately for the Jaguars not only are they playing at home, but it is a short week.  Home game and short week equals no Luck for the Jaguars. 

My boldest prediction is it ain't gonna be pretty Jaguar fans.  Nothing at home is.   

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