The Indianapolis Colts took care of business against the Cleveland Browns at home last week, as they pulled out the 17-13 victory. Andrew Luck rushed for two touchdowns to go along with his 186 passing yards.

As for the Tennessee Titans, they are coming off a win that was achieved in the final minute of the game. Matt Hasselbeck threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to his wide receiver Nate Washington to put the Titans up 35-34 just as the game was heading into the final sixty seconds.

And now, these two teams will be going against each other, in Tennessee. So without further ado, here are my three bold predictions for the game:

1. Andrew Luck Will Finish With a Total of Five Touchdowns

Let's be real. Andrew Luck can play ball. After being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts with the first overall pick in last year's NFL Draft, Luck has shown no signs of disappointment. Many didn't know if he would live up to the hype, or if he would be able to fill-in for Peyton Manning.

But so far, he's played his game confidently and wisely, and it really showed during the Colts' comeback win at home against the Green Bay Packers. And I think that Luck will throw and run for a combined five touchdowns, mainly because they are playing a Titans' defense that allows the most points in the NFL, at 34 a game. We've all seen what Luck can do on the ground and in the air, so I believe the young Colts will dominate the Titans on the offensive end.

Luck has already rushed for three touchdowns this season, proving he is as mobile as a quarterback needs to be. He's also gone to the air for seven touchdown strikes while playing some great defenses (Chicago, Green Bay).

2. Chris Johnson Will Rush for Less Than 75 Yards

Last week, Chris Johnson had an amazing game on the ground, as he rushed for 195 yards and two touchdowns. The two scores he had against Buffalo were his first of the season, which is something that many didn't see coming from the Pro Bowl running back, one who ran for over 2,000 yards not too long ago.

People will say what they want, but I'm just not buying into him yet. After every good game Johnson has had this season, he's followed it up with a miserable performance. I know and will acknowledge how great he has been in the past and how much potential is within him, but this season I think he's in a slump, And I just don't see him breaking out of it this week.

3. Reggie Wayne Will Have at Least 150 Receiving Yards

There's no question about it: Reggie Wayne is still elite. And not only that, he's the number one target on a team with a bright young quarterback, a guy named Andrew Luck. Against the Green Bay Packers, Wayne reeled in 13 passes from Luck for 212 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Right now, he has nearly 700 receving yards on the season. And one can only think... If Reggie Wayne could haul in 212 receiving yards against Green Bay's defense, how many can he rack up against the Tennessee Titans and their horrible defense? I believe Wayne will absolutely tear apart the Titans' defense come Saturday, just like he did against the Green Bay Packers.