Andrew Luck Hero: Andrew Luck

Colts fans have to be happy with Luck. How often does a franchise luck into drafting back-to-back Hall-of-Fame-caliber guys?

There was Montana and Young and maybe now Manning and Luck.

Indianapolis knew they were getting a guy who would transition into the NFL well, but there was no indication he would be this good so soon.

It wasn’t an exceptional game: 26 of 38 for 297 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

It also came off a poor game vs. the Jets last week, but for a second time this year Luck has engineered a game-winning drive. He even threw in a game tying drive for good measure. Sure his teammates made huge plays to help him out, but a young quarterback isn’t supposed to be able to win those types of games on the road.

Luck has shown that the Colts' down time between the transition of Peyton Manning will be short lived. The Colts could get into the playoffs, and with Luck at the helm they could go far.

Zero: Mike Munchak

His team struggled to move the ball despite Matt Hasselbeck playing at a high level and Chris Johnson returning to stud RB form. Some play calls were questionable, but they weren’t Jason Garrett questionable.

The play late in the game that may have cost the Titans a valuable division win is what gives off a red flag. On a 4th and 9 on the Colts 41 with less than a minute to play he called for the punt team instead of calling for Adam Vinatieri to kick.

Had he not watched Luck win a game late against the Packers? Had he not just watched him lead the team to a game-tying touchdown a few minutes ago? Does he not know Vinatieri’s career long is 60 yards, 3 yards longer than what he would have faced at the Colt 41 yard line?

Did he not notice a strong wind at his team’s back? Munchak is the goat of this game and probably one of the worst coaches in the league. His call to not go for it shows he is not worthy of a head coaching job in the NFL.